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This upcoming week on Patreon!

MONDAY: Tavin has dream! About butter. WEDNESDAY: When Lake reviews The Return of Xander Cage and there are a few outtakes available exclusively on Patreon. THURSDAY: I discuss the importance of hearing your script read out loud and getting the right people in the right roles.  

Sweet Tea Films on Patreon: January 23rd-28th

New screening for Worth the Wait in Oklahoma

We are excited to be screening in Stillwater, OK at the Red Dirt International Film Festival March 2nd-5th. Come on out if you're in the area!

This week on Patreon!

  • Monday - January 16th Tavin talks about the People of Wal-Marts. This is early access to the Tuesday episode.

  • Wednesday - January 18th  there is a new exclusive When Lake Movie Poster Review for The Founder with Michael Keaton.

  • Thursday - January 19th is a new epsiode of Sweet Tea Film School on Writing!

Enjoy and thanks for checking out Sweet Tea Films on Patreon!

Happy New Year from Sweet Tea films!

It's a new year, but you've probably heard about that. One of the biggest changes for Sweet Tea Films this year is Patreon. It's a platform where you can have access to exclusive content and early access to Tavin episodes. Here's what a week on Patreon will look like in 2017:

Mondays - early access to that week's Tavin episode

Wednesdays - When Lake (monthly) or other sketch comedy.

Thursdays - Sweet Tea Film School where I post weekly episodes sharing insights and tips on my experience in making short films and videos. I discuss writing, locations, sound and much more in these helpful weekly episodes. 

 Patreon is a site where you can support my work directly. I hope you will consider it!

Here is the link to learn more: Sweet Tea Films on Patreon