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SWEET TEA FILMS primarily consists of me, Joel Berry. I’m currently located in Southern California and have had the privilege of writing and producing videos professionally for clients since 2004.  

Clients include: Yokohama, Disney, Trident, Poo Pourri, Rock City Outfitters, Popsicle, and 1Dental

What I've Worked On

In addition to work done for clients, I’ve been developing my own work online in the form of YouTube characters such as southern trailer park local, Tavin Dillard and the throwback, self-proclaimed artist, When Lake.

Tavin has gained an audience and I now do live shows for events as Tavin. I've also been acting in television commercials on Adult Swim as When Lake since 2013 for brands such as Arby's, Taco Bell, T-Mobile, Denny's, and Fruit of the Loom.

Sponsors have shown up along the way which help support my YouTube episodes.

Other Stuff I Do

I've also been in other television commercials that you can check out here on the site.

Besides my commercial work and online episodes, I write short and feature length screenplays as well as sit-coms.